FFA Chapter Tribute

Please submit 4–5 photos (no more than 10) of your chapter’s activities. Please email them with your chapter summary. JPEGS are the favored format. If you must mail pictures, please mail them to Tracy Steffen, 47 Coy Park Drive, Newark, IL 60541. Please note that mailing the photos will delay the date of airing your chapter tribute.

Copy and paste the list below into a new document or email. These are suggested topics. You may add to them as you see fit to describe your chapter. Please note that not all of the topics below may be covered given the time parameters for the segment. Please email this info and pictures to Tracy Steffen at tracyjoe@sbcglobal.net.

Please give NAME and NUMBER of the person to call if there are any questions regarding the information submitted below:

Chapter Name:

School Name:

City and State:

Website address:

Chapter Advisor(s):

Number of FFA members:

When was your chapter chartered?

History of the chapter:

What classes are taught to FFA members?

Which contests does the chapter participate in?

Highest awards given the chapter:

Does the chapter have an ag plot? If so, how many acres and what crops are produced?

If not an ag plot, is there some type of ag or business enterprise the chapter runs?

What is your biggest fundraiser?

What is your chapter’s strength?

Most unique fact about your chapter:

Favorite community service project:

Does the chapter do any projects at or for the school? Describe:

Is there a parent, community person or teacher that has done outstanding service for the chapter? Tell us about it:

What else would you like to tell us?

Please attach 4–5 photos


Max Armstrong