October 29, 2007 - Mind your manners on your ATV

In the past when I have discussed practicing safety on ATV’s, all-terrain vehicles, and particularly when it comes to the safety of young people, I tend to hear from some of you saying “My kids are responsible, they can handle an all-terrain vehicle whether they are six, nine or ten years old.”

Well, I still don’t agree with that and I will share numbers that support my belief. The American Academy of Pediatrics said recently children under the age of 16 riding these machines is a recipe for tragedy. According to a report by an injury prevention specialist at West Virginia University, the death rate for children on off-road vehicles increased 24% over the past five years.

But now there is another problem and that is protecting the environment. There are more than nine-million off-road vehicles, that’s ATV’s, dirt bikes, snowmobiles and other vehicles in the country today and at least one-million new ones are sold every year. Thousands of Americans responsibly use off-road vehicles for work, to explore the back country and to enjoy nature’s beauty.

But here is the problem...there is a growing number of riders who are ruining things for everyone by riding off established trails, destroying our public lands and burdening already stressed law enforcement officials. As a matter of fact, the problem is so bad now that the Forest Service called off-road vehicles one of the top four threats to America’s forests.

Let me share another number. While off-roaders account for 15% of all visits to U.S. Bureau of Land Management lands, reckless riding represents 50% of all law enforcement incidents, more than thefts, assaults and arson, according to the Bureau.

So it comes back to minding our manners. It is unfortunate that a few irresponsible people are going to spoil it for the majority of people who ride ATV’s responsibly; who use all-terrain vehicles for work because they are an important tool, particularly on farms, ranches and construction sites.

But again I emphasize, they are not a toy, particularly for small children. If you think differently, take a look again at the death rate increase noted earlier in this column and I strongly suggest you contact Farm Safety 4 Just Kids and request their booklet on safe use of ATV’s.

So, please, follow the rules when you are riding on public (or private) land, and ride safely!

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