November 8, 2007 - This is a Season for Giving

If you have been a listener of ‘Samuelson Sez’ over the years, you know that when the week of Thanksgiving arrives I like to take a moment to focus on the ‘giving’ part of the word Thanksgiving. Yes, we have a great deal for which to be thankful, and because we are so blessed, we should also be thinking of giving, to help those less fortunate, to be able to feed themselves.

If you are a regular member of my audience, you know that one of my favorite world-wide charities is Heifer International. We used to call it Heifer Project International; now it is simply Heifer International. It started at the end of World War II when Indiana farmer, Dan West, decided that farmers in war-torn Europe didn’t want gifts of food, they wanted to be able to get back into farming. He came up with the idea of shipping bred heifers to Europe to be given to individual farmers and when that heifer delivered its first calf, the calf was given to a neighbor. So it became the gift that grew and spread, and my, how it has spread.

Since it was founded in 1944, Heifer has helped more than 7-million families in 125 countries, including the United States, for those of you who are concerned that we help people in other countries while ignoring people who are in need in our country.

Let me strongly suggest that you order a copy of the catalog that is officially labeled “The Most Important Gift Catalog In The World”. You will discover the variety of gifts, from animals to birds to trees to honeybees to silkworms to water buffaloes, that you can purchase for a nominal amount and it will be given to a family in some other part of the world.

That puts an end to the problem of buying a gift for your friends who have everything. My wife and I send gifts in our friend’s names through Heifer International and it is a gift that is truly appreciated by the receiver as well as the giver. It makes shopping easy, simply go to the Heifer website, www.heifer.org <http://www.heifer.org> , and there you can view the gift catalog and place your order. This is a program that works; I know it works because I have interviewed people in other countries who have been on the receiving end and they told me their lives were changed forever because of the gift from Heifer International.

So during this time of Thanksgiving and the holiday season, let’s put the emphasis on giving, and share through Heifer International to help people feed themselves and their families.

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