2 August 2009 - Have I got good news for you

Have I got good news for you this week! With all of the recent headlines about overweight America and the problem of obesity in this country, here is the good news for you and me.

"IF YOU'RE FAT, IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT." Those are the words of Dr. Barry Sears, diet guru and author of the diet book The Zone". So, if it's not your fault or my fault, and I'm certainly in that overweight category as my doctor reminds me every year when he tells me I would feel much better if I lost 20 pounds, whose fault is it that we have an overweight America?

Corn and soybean growers, pay attention as I once again quote Dr. Sears from his July press release.

"The problem lies with America's continually subsidizing of corn and soybean production that has resulted in an oversupply of cheap refined carbohydrates and cheap vegetable oils that, when combined, give rise to increased diet-induced inflamation. This inflamation activates the genes in people who are genetically pre-disposed to gain weight with relative ease", says Dr. Sears. So if you grow corn or soybeans and have ever accepted one-dollar in subsidies from the U.S. government, you are to blame for the overweight, obese America! At least this time, livestock producers are not the target.

What's the solution put forth by Dr. Sears?..."It would be less costly to simply eliminate the $20-billion in annual government support for corn and soybean production than to fix the health problems they cause."

$20-billion a year paid in subsidies to corn and soybean farmers? Don't let facts get in the way of a good headline. I have no idea where he found that figure, but if it was true, U.S. corn and soybean growers would be spending 6 months a year on their own island in the Carribean. Dr. Sears is as far off on that amount as he is on the rest of his thesis. Oh, and did I mention that he has a company selling diet foods not containing corn and soybeans?

To me, this is one more example of we, as individuals, not accepting responsibility for what we do; it is always somebody else's fault, whether it's a car accident or being overweight. So, we can go along with Dr. Sears and accept "If you're fat, it's not your fault", or we can finally accept responsibility for what we do and as human beings recognize that we don't always make the right choices. It is silly to blame farmers for an overweight America; I decide what I eat and how much I eat, and if that makes me overweight, it's my fault!

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