17 May 2010 - Congress, It's Time to Take Action

It has become a popular sport these days, on the part of individuals and organizations, to bash Arizona for the immigration law it passed earlier this Spring. Well, I think it is time to stop the Arizona bashing and point the finger of blame where it belongs, the U.S. Congress and the Mexican government.

The Arizona legislature simply said "enough is enough! If the Federal Government will not enact legislation, then we will. because we are dealing with illegal aliens coming across our border every day." I have interviewed several ranchers who operate ranches on the Artizona/Mexico border and they tell me their properties have been trashed by the constant parade of illegals coming across the border every night. The murder of a prominenet border rancher by unknown assailants earlier this spring was another catalyst that pushed members of the Arizona Legislature to take action.

For more than a decade, members of Congress have paid lip service to re-writing immigrations laws without ever coming to a vote. Why the inaction? One Congressman put it to me this way..."Regardless of which way I vote on this one, I'm going to have a lot of angry constituents." So?..isn't that why we send people to Congress, to vote on the tough issues, instead of putting them off while the situation worsens. I'm afraid the mind-set of many members of Congress is to vote to keep their jobs instead of voting for the good of the country and its citizens, you and me.

The other finger of blame should be pointed at the Mexican government; while they aattack the U.S. for its treatment of illegal aliens, they do very little to improve living conditions, wages or standard of living in their country. If the government improved conditions for its people, maybe fewer of them would endanger their lives to cross the border for a better living in this country.

It is probably impossible for us to pressure the Mexican government, but we can put pressure on our elected officials, and with every House member and a third of the Senators facing re-election this November, this is the time. Tell the candidates it is time to stop talking and start voting. Critics of the Arizona law say it will lead to racial profiling which is illegal, but there is no proof that it will happen. I would also point out that being in this country without proper papers is illegal.

Finally, if you have the opportunity to talk to your members of Congress during the campaign about immigration legislation, I suggest you also ask them a question I ask of my Congressman and Senator...Isn't it time that you start living by the rules you set for us, especially when it comes to health care and Social Security?

My thoughts in Samuelson sez.