17 October 2010 - Make Your Voice Heard on November 2nd

Once again it is decision time in America. Decision Day is November 2nd, Election Day; the day that you and I exercise not our privilege, but our responsibility, to vote for the candidates of choice, who have been working to get our vote through radio, television, billboards, newspaper ads, campaign speeches, debates and parades for the past several months. Candidates have spent time, energy and money to impress us with their ability to be leaders, whether it be on a local, state or national level and now it’s our turn to decide their future.

Let me talk national for a moment because agriculture has so much at stake in this election. These are my major concerns:

  • Food safety and nutrition legislation that could really crimp agricultural production in this country
  • We have an Environmental Protection Agency that is bent on forcing rules and regulations that will make it impossible to operate a farm or ranch efficiently. One example is the current EPA discussion on limiting dust and its movement on your property. The agency needs far more Congressional oversight.
  • The production of alternative energy. . .and hopefully for agriculture, the ability to produce more of our energy from sources in rural America.
  • Global climate control legislation . . .that once again could put American producers at a major disadvantage in competing with producers around the world.
  • Free Trade Agreements . . .without trade, American agriculture shuts down 50% of its production capacity. We have trade agreements that should have been approved years ago that are still awaiting Congressional action. We have a DOHA round of the World Trade Organization that seems no closer to completion now than when they started ten years ago.

Add to these, immigration laws that will provide our producers with needed workers without mountains of paper work, as well as realistic rules based on science, not emotion dealing with radical environmental and animal rights groups .

These are all vital issues for you to consider as we approach November 2nd. Between now and Election Day, study the issues and challenge your candidates to provide you with honest answers on their position on the issues that will impact our ability to produce food. Then, once again, and more important than anything else you can do, go to the polls and exercise your responsibility as an American citizen and vote.

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