6 February 2011 -Here are Your Responses on Post Office Closings

A week ago on Samuelson Sez, I talked about the closing of 2,500 post offices across the United States. I said I had mixed feelings and I asked for your thoughts. Well, you certainly shared them, and judging from your response, many of you also have mixed feelings. So this week, here is what you had to say.

First of all a dairy farmer and small business owner in New York state said “My opinion on the post offices closing is it may be something that is long overdue. Even with the thought of the Post Office doing away with Saturday rural delivery, this will be a little inconvenient, but nothing I can’t live with.”

Another response from a small town postmaster, “Not enough people want to use the USPS, but the people who sometimes use it the least, are the ones who complain the loudest whenever downsizing comes around. I’ve said for years, ‘You’ve got to use us or risk losing us.”

Another response, “It is obvious that the people commenting on the so-called Rural Welfare State have never worked around a farm or ranch. Before they talk about how farmers and ranchers get welfare, maybe they should go out and work alongside those welfare recipients for a day or two. Maybe the city welfare cases should work on a ranch and toughen up.”

Then this writer who said “I proudly serve as the Postmaster of a rural Post Office. Postal headquarters may be giving out the message that closing rural post offices will stop the red ink, but I would like to point out to you that a study was done a few years ago and if they closed 10,000 of the smallest post offices, they would save only three-quarters of 1% of the Postal Services budget. Yes, there need to be some changes made to save money, but shutting the doors on the rural post office is not going to be the answer.”

This one...”The need to close the post offices is due to the welfare program created by the Postal Employees Union. Their unreasonable wages, benefits, ridiculous retirement program and job guarantees are the reason.”

From South Dakota, “I farm and I would have no problem if they closed our post office and go to a 3-day a week delivery schedule. Most checks are being deposited electronically and bills can be paid online. Our small town population is declining, so no need for the post office.”

Finally from a rural letter carrier in Kentucky, “Yes Orion, we still deliver the baby chicks, ducks, geese and even honey bees each spring and when I walk into the building and hear chicks chirping, I know that spring is here. I hope we will be doing this for a long time to come.”

Thank you for your thoughts on Samuelson Sez.