26 March 2011 - Your Responses on the Pork ad are Heard

Several weeks ago I discussed the announcement by the National Pork Board that it was going to drop its advertising slogan “Pork, the other white meat" and replace it with a new slogan, “Pork, be inspired". It didn’t really inspire me and I asked you to share your thoughts. Here are some of the comments that you did, indeed, share with me.

Number one. . ."An advertising program is most effective when you can no longer stand it yourself. It takes time to have an effect. I think that is where the Pork Board is now. They are ready to scrap a campaign that works, for one that does not speak to me at all. I hope I am wrong."

Another comment. . ."The pork industry, in their advertising, has got it all wrong. Their new ad is way off base if they expect more sales. ‘Pork, the other white meat’ was good, but I’m not inspired with the new. It’s terrible! They need to hire an advertising agency like the one Geico uses."

Then , this thought. . . “ The 'other white meat' program has been used for 25 years. In that time, pork has lost market share continually in the U.S. An advertising program that is associated with market share loss is a failure, not one to be celebrated. The great news is the leadership of the National Pork Board has dropped the ‘other white meat’ slogan. We like'‘be inspired'; it is positive and a needed change."

This reader commented. . . “I’m pretty sure this attempt to appeal to the X-Generation of homemakers and chefs will be considered, 3 or 4 years from now, a big mistake. 'Pork, be inspired' seems to me to be directed at a small group of folks, those that prepare the meat, and not all of those who consume it."

Another listener said… "After listening to your comments, I read a little further into the pork industry’s strategy to change from the ‘other white meat’. I will have to admit that 'Be inspired' is a bit of a stretch, but after finding the new slogan is aimed primarily at those people already consuming and enjoying pork, it seems to make more sense. I just have to wonder whether they might have tried a different approach to try and get new consumers eating pork."

And finally... "It makes no sense! 'Pork, the other white meat' was great and made you think about choosing pork in addition to chicken. It gave you the impression that pork was healthy. We’re beef farmers, but it gave us a positive motivation to eat pork. There are a lot of things that inspire me, but pork is not one of them."

Thank you for letting me share your comments on this week’s Samuelson Sez.