16 Oct 2011 - Demonstrations are a Sign

The current anti-government, anti-bank, anti-corporation, anti-big business demonstrations taking place on Wall Street, in front of the Chicago Board of Trade and in cities around the country should serve as a reminder to all of us that we can all point fingers at everybody else and we can all talk about the problems. Yet in those demonstrations, I am not hearing any solutions, just like I am not hearing solutions on Capitol Hill.

Maybe the demonstrations will awaken the White House and Congress to the fact that indeed, there is a great deal of frustration in America. Up to this point, they don’t seem to notice or care. Republicans attack President Obama for traveling around the country making campaign speeches for 2012; the President attacks Speaker of the House Boehner and his fellow Republicans for stopping any of the Democratic programs to create jobs and “fix” the economy.

Meanwhile the talking and the campaigning continues, but no real solutions are offered and nothing gets done, to the point where frustrations grow into national demonstrations in city streets. It makes me wonder if anyone in Washington is listening or looking west beyond the Potomac.

It also says to me that if we are going to demonstrate against something, then we ought to offer some solutions. I haven’t seen any from the demonstrators in New York City who seem intent on only pointing fingers and assessing blame.

The Chicago demonstrators did come up with one solution, proposing a 25-cent tax on every market transaction at the Chicago markets to establish a $1.4-billion fund to create jobs. But they offered no ideas on who would administer the fund or assign whatever jobs were created to the unemployed, proving once again that solutions may sound simple, but the problems are complicated.

Maybe, hopefully, the demonstrations will convince people on Capitol Hill and in the White House that it is time to quit finger-pointing and go to work.

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