29 Apr 2012 - Everything!

Every week when I present the television version of Samuelson Sez for our program on RFD-TV, my graphics producer wants to know the theme or the subject, so he can put the words on the screen.

This week I said one word - ‘Everything’! He said, “What does that mean?” I said “It means I have more than one topic to cover in the brief time I am allowed on Samuelson Sez, beginning with the fourth discovery of a case of Mad Cow Disease in the last nine years inside our borders. It again made all the network television news and the newspapers across the country. Yet, it is a story that I call the biggest non-story I have covered in my years of reporting on agriculture, because the impact is minimal. Oh, once again, traders at the Mercantile Exchange over-reacted by sending the market down the $3.00 limit when the rumor hit the floor. The next day, cooler heads prevailed and the market started to come back.

Then there was the headline in Reuters, the news service I use everyday for my radio market reports. Gavin McGuire is a market analyst for Reuters and he covered the story with this headline, “Want Fries with that Mad Cow Pink Slime Special?” C’mon Gavin, I have a sense of humor but I don’t find that funny or necessary.

Finally, I am always intrigued by how people respond to what I say. You may recall a week ago I talked about buying local rather than buying on-line, to support local merchants who pay taxes in your community. Here is one response: “I sincerely hope Congress fails to pass illegal laws regarding on-line taxes. Your encouragement of telling people to buy locally and pay taxes does nothing but pour more money into the accounts of Socialist government programs that rape the hard working people of this country and support career welfare recipients and illegal aliens.”

I didn’t say any of that! I never mentioned the words Socialist, welfare or aliens anywhere in my commentary; my entire premise was simply to support your local merchants who pay taxes in your community when most on-line companies do not. I can assure you my commentaries never have any hidden agendas or meanings, what you hear is what I think and feel.

My thoughts on Samuelson Sez.