17 June 2012 - Farmers & Ranchers, Take A Bow

This week I am not picking on anybody or any organization; I’m not kicking anybody in the seat of the pants. I’m moving higher and instead, offering a pat on the back to America’s farmers and ranchers who produce the abundant food supply enjoyed by people in this country and around the world, but at the same time realize that not everyone is well-fed.

So, let me share the story of two organizations that are doing a great deal to feed people who are not able to feed themselves. Glen Cope from Southwest Missouri is Chair of the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee; writing in Agri Marketing Magazine he tells the story of how Farm Bureau members are working to feed some of the nearly 49-million Americans who live at risk of hunger. He talks about becoming involved with the “Harvest for All” program through Farm Bureau. “Harvest for All”, is a partnership between Farm Bureau and Feeding America.

It is in it’s ninth year, and here is what this organization has done to help people in need . . . In that nine years, Farm Bureau families have gathered more than 49-million pounds of food, logged nearly 60,000 volunteer hours and raised more than $1.8-million in donations toward the effort. Combined, the food and money donations amount to more than 55-million meals, a major accomplishment by the Young Farmers and Ranchers of the American Farm Bureau!

Then, another organization that I’ve worked with over the years as a member of their Board of Directors is Foods Resource Bank. In their fiscal year that ended March 31st, they raised more than $4-million dollars with $3.2-million coming from growing projects in the U.S. There were more than 200 growing projects involving city and country churches that work together to produce crops that are then sold with the financial returns going to support 57 programs in 32 countries around the world. These programs range from digging wells to acquire fresh water for farmers and villages to providing better quality seeds to help farmers increase production and feed their families.

I know there are many other farm and ranch groups that work on hunger projects. So, I offer a sincere pat on the back to America’s farmers and ranchers, for understanding the needs of people who cannot provide food for themselves and then doing something to fix it in a very meaningful way.

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