22 July 2012 - I’m Sharing Your Thoughts...

I truly appreciate those of you who take the time and effort to share with me your thoughts and comments on subjects I’ve discussed here on Samuelson Sez. So this week I want to share a couple of examples, one dealing with the strong feelings I have and how bothered I am that people in the animal rights groups as well as in the food industry, who have never lived on a farm and certainly have not had to make a living on a farm or ranch, somehow know exactly how birds and animals should be cared for and raised.

There are times when readers say it better than I do! A farmer from Missouri shared this with me. “It disturbs me that groups like the Humane Society of the United States are now calling the shots on what is the best way to care for and raise baby pigs. I was a pork producer for nearly 50 years and remember well what happened when sows gave birth to baby pigs in open pens . . . the mothers would lay on about half of them, crushing them or suffocating them to death. What is humane about that? When I started using gestation crates, we saved over 90% of the pigs, instead of losing half of them.”

“And what about defenseless baby pigs with bloody navels lying on dirt floors rather than cleaner metal or concrete slat floors; getting infected with disease and suffocated or crushed to death just because some animal rights group thinks it knows the best way to raise pigs and is able, with their money, to influence major food companies and supermarkets to require such irresponsible judgments to be cast upon an industry that is successful because of the currently humane methods that are used to produce the most economical meat and poultry food supply in the world.”

Then my comments on campaign money, suggesting that presidential candidates quit bragging about how much they have raised and perhaps, donate half of the total to local food banks to help people truly in need, instead of spending it all on advertising. That generated several e-mails and letters including this response from a lady in Illinois . . . “I am right there with you on the campaign money theory but I have an idea that I’d like to suggest, I would like to suggest a bill called ‘Tax that Air’ . . . I’d like to see one dollar paid to reduce the deficit for every dollar spent on political advertising; $2.00 for every dollar spent on negative ads. At least we’d know our time wasn’t being completely wasted.”

Well you didn’t waste my time with those comments and that’s why I am sharing your thoughts this week on . . . Samuelson Sez.