12 Aug 2012 - Do You Love Your Congressman?

Here’s the the question I pose to you this week, “Do you love your Congressman?”; but perhaps I should rephrase the question to “Do you like your Congressman?” According to a recent voter’s survey, Congress today has an approval rating of just 10%. I guess that means that nine out of ten of us don’t love or even like our Congressman.

There are reasons for that, and we as voters need to point those reasons out every time we talk to a Congressman or a Senator. Many of us will have that opportunity during the month of August. It’s recess time in a Presidential election year; a year that all the House seats and a third of the Senate seats are up for election. The candidates will be back in the home district asking for your support and it is an opportunity for you to ask some important questions. Let me offer some suggestions for agricultural questions:

  • Where do you stand on the Farm Bill?
  • Where do you stand on the Inheritance Tax rate and what action will you take before December 31st?
  • What are your feelings on Animal Rights Groups?
  • What about making agricultural exports a priority for the agricultural economy?

-How about writing a new immigration law that will deal with border security and at the same time, create a workable farm labor program?

-And finally, what about getting that new Farm Bill written before the deadline?

I’m sure there are other questions you would like to ask. So take the opportunity to do that during the time they are back home and if you can’t do it personally, do it by phone, by letter or by e-mail.

Back to the question of voter approval, I do commend Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky for publicly admitting they have a rating problem. I recently watched him deliver a brief message on the Senate floor chastising his fellow members for their inability to get things done and then pointing out... “We don’t even follow our own rules.” He held a 600-page bill that he had just received that morning and was due for a vote that afternoon. He said “According to our own Senate rule, any new bill must be posted on-line 48 hours before debate and our vote.

Nobody has time to read this 600-page bill and yet we will vote on it today and in effect, we’ll not be doing a good job, because we’ll vote for programs, some good, some bad, that we don’t even know are in the bill.

Under our political system we need to remind our legislators they work for us and we need them to do the best possible job they can do. And if they don’t, well, that what elections are all about. We need to hold their feet to the fire, friends.

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