13 Oct 2012 - Thanks for your Comments

Believe me, I do enjoy hearing from you with your comments on my thoughts on ‘Samuelson Sez’. As I have said many times, I don’t expect you to always agree with me but I do like to stimulate your thinking on a subject.

Let me respond to some of the e-mails I have received over the past week. Several people disagreed with me on my call to vote NO on Proposition 37 in California. That is the Proposition that would require labeling of any and all foods containing any GMO ingredient. That would probably be about 90% of foods at the supermarket today.

Well, I am pleased to say, that while some people disagreed with me, the Los Angeles Times didn’t. That newspaper said ‘Vote NO on Proposition 37’. The Times said it is a poorly written proposition. I repeat the suggestion made by Iowa farmer Tim Burrack who said if you want to make sure you are not eating any food containing GMO‘s, you don’t need an expensive labeling law, simply buy your food at the organic food store.

Several people took me to task for criticizing the Republican House leadership for not bringing the Farm Bill to the floor. Why didn’t they bring it to the floor for debate? That way we would know the issues and the points of disagreement, particularly on the nutrition program, and just maybe could open some doors to compromise. I’m guessing the bill would have been defeated, but at least we would have a better understanding of what needs to be done to get a Farm Bill out of the House.

Then, people who will be forever opposed to ethanol or any alternative fuels, jumped on me again for endorsing ethanol and saluting the Big Three auto makers for approving the use of E-15 in their 2012 & 2013 vehicles. To them I say what I’ve said for 30 years, ‘If you are against ethanol and other alternative fuels to cut our dependence on foreign oil, then I assume you like the Middle East oil sheiks more than you like American farmers.’

And a final thought...Stop texting when you are driving. People have died in texting accidents and now a prize-winning dairy cow is a victim. A trailer load of 8 prize-winning Jersey dairy cattle heading home from the World Dairy Expo in Madison was struck by a 26-year-old lady reading a text while driving. The truck and trailer overturned, 7 cows survived, one didn’t. C’mon people, you cannot text and drive, safely!
Stop It!

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