9 Dec 2012 - Congress, Get the Job Finished!

As we come to the end of 2012, Congress still has a lot of unfinished business on it’s table. That means you and I, as concerned voters, also have unfinished business on the table. Despite all of the holiday activities, we must find the time to remind our elected officials that we sent them to Washington to do a job. They must get that job completed, in some cases, by the end of this year.

The Fiscal Cliff seems to dominate all of the political talk these days; if the Fiscal Cliff happens we are going to see some major tax and spending changes and some economists say we could be pushed into another recession.

Then there is the Farm Bill. Work on that started last Spring and it still isn’t completed. Farmers are in the midst of production plans for the 2013 crop year and at this point, flying blind, because they do not know what kind of government policy they will be dealing with in next year’s crop. Let’s get a farm bill done!

This one is critical...the Estate Tax. If nothing is done by Congress by December 31st the Estate Tax will revert to a $1-million-dollar exemption per person, and a tax of 55% on estates after the owners pass away. If no action is taken, that will automatically happen on January 1st. We cannot afford to have that happen to small businesses in towns and cities and on farms and ranches.

Then, there is the Waterway System that I talked about last week. Congress needs to authorize the funds that have already been approved so work can begin to modernize the waterway system that is so vital to our agricultural and consumer economy. We are already 20 years behind on repairing the system because of the failure of Congress to take action.

Finally, after years of talk and no action, it is time to deal with our Immigration Policy and re-write the rules on migrant labor so U.S. farmers and ranchers can get the help they need when they need it.

So, please keep the pressure on your Senators and Congressmen because this is unfinished business on Capitol Hill that has been lingering far too long and it’s time the people we sent there to do the job, do it.

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