22 December 2012 - Have Christmas Spirit All Year Long

Whatever religion you practice, whatever God you worship, please feel free during this holiday season to extend greetings to me in whatever language or term you use to do that in your religion. Then, by the same token, please allow me the right and opportunity to say Merry Christmas to you without you being offended.

Why can’t we get along? It is something we talk about every holiday season as we watch the lawsuits being filed, and time being spent in the courtroom; time that I think would be better spent in the Synagogue, Temple, Church or wherever you go to worship. The idea that a nativity scene, a Hanukkah Menorah, a Kwanza Kinara or any other religious symbol displayed on public land would influence the way our legislators act locally, statewide or on Capitol Hill, I feel is ridiculous So why can’t we get along?

This year the holiday lights are not as bright and our hearts are heavy because of the tragedy in Connecticut, so I think we need something to help us feel better. Let me share with you some Christmas poetry that I found in my annual Christmas card from the Warp family, the makers of Plexiglas and other products that we used every winter on our Wisconsin farm. Every year they send a booklet containing poetry for the season, so I hope this helps to lift your spirit...

DECEMBER DAYS by Clay Harrison
The Year has had some tragedies and disappointments too.
When times are bad, we’re often sad, and don’t know what to do.
This time of year the Christmas star still sheds its light above,
Reminding us there’s always hope, wherever there is love.

The yuletide season brings us joy as loved ones gather near,
Dreaming about some gift or toy that brings a happy tear.
Somehow the glow of a Christmas tree calms the anxious heart,
With loved ones near to bring us cheer, our doubts and fears depart.

December days keep winding down at Christmas time each year,
And we wonder what the future holds as the new year draws near.
May the year ahead bring blessings each and every day,
And God’s love and grace sustain you each step along the way.

Well said, Clay Harrison, and thank you Warp Family for sharing it with your many friends. And again I say, “Please, let’s get along”... oh, and let me not forget to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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