20 Apr 2013 - PETA & HSUS - No photos

I gave up a long time ago trying to understand the logic of arguments from PETA and HSUS, the Humane Society of the United States, in their fight against animal agriculture in this country. The one thing I know for certain is their stated goal, and that is to eliminate animal agriculture on all farms and ranches in this country and turn all of us into vegetarians. I have no problem with their members being vegetarians, but don’t take away my right and my choice to enjoy steaks, pork chops, chicken and lamb.

Their current logic that makes no sense to me is their position on laws that have been passed or are being considered in several state legislatures. Indiana is one of those states that has a bill under consideration that would make it a crime to photograph or videotape inside a livestock barn without permission of the owner and the violation would be a misdemeanor.

The animal rights groups say that would prevent First Amendment Rights to free speech, and punish whistleblowers reporting animal cruelty. It has nothing to do with free speech and has everything to do with personal property rights, my right as a citizen to deny access to my property by individuals or groups, especially those coming on to my property under false pretenses. And to me, lying on an employment application form to gain access to a livestock farm that you think is mis-treating livestock is totally wrong.

In response to the charge of punishing whistleblowers for reporting animal cruelty, Bob Friend, one of the sponsors of Indiana Senate Bill 373 said “Let’s say you get a job on a farm and you see some evil things going on and you take photographs of the incident; if you take those photos to law enforcement within 48 hours, you are exonerated.” Generally, animal rightists take their visual material directly to social media, bypassing law enforcement.

Bob Kraft, with Indiana Farm Bureau, said his organization “is not supporting this bill to hide anything, this is about protecting private property. We do not condone the mistreatment of animals.”

Following the logic of PETA and HSUS, I’m sure they would allow me to walk into their backyard or their house, uninvited and under false pretenses, and start taking photos of how they live to share with the world on social media!!?? It would be a matter of minutes before I would be rushed away in handcuffs and charges would be filed.

So, again I say...this is not about free speech, this is about my property rights.

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