23 June 2013 - Thanks for Your Questions & Comments

I do enjoy the fact that my e-mail box fills up every week with comments and questions from you reacting to my opinions on Samuelson Sez . I have often said I don’t expect you to agree with me but I do like to stimulate some thinking.

A note to a couple of you, though. . . You don’t have to use four-letter words to be understood or to disagree with me. I can fully understand what you are saying without the use of profanity. Thank you!

But let me share just a couple of comments that have come my way recently. . . “Mr. Samuelson, what are you afraid of when you say no to GMO labeling? . . . that you and your multi-billionaire friends at the seed companies might lose money and that we, the consumers, are right to worry about GMO’s in our food?” Well, my response is no, I am not worried about me; I am not worried about my friends at the seed and chemical companies. I AM worried about the millions of people, particularly children and those unborn children, that will not have enough food. There are too many people on the planet going to bed hungry every night, dying of starvation. With no new land available to produce the additional food needed to feed another 2-billion people on this planet in the next 20 years, we need biotechnology to enable us to produce more food with less land.

This statement. . . “Was the non-approved genetically modified wheat found in the one field in Oregon deliberately put there by anti-biotechnology people to again make technology look bad?” Ah, the conspiracy theory! I don’t know, but I have heard from several people, mainly producers, raising that same question. And now, Monsanto is saying the discovery of the company’s unapproved experimental genetically altered wheat in an Oregon wheat field is “highly suspicious, an isolated incident that could not have happened through normal farming practices.”

Then this one . . . “Is there anything I can eat today that is absolutely safe; I don’t know what foods to buy anymore that are really safe for me and my children. What should I do?” Well, I do have a ‘smart-aleck’ response to that one . . . If you eat, you die! If you don’t eat, you die! But perhaps the answer for this lady is one offered by an Iowa farmer…“if you truly believe GMO food is dangerous, then maybe you should buy all your food at an organic food store.” I am still convinced we have the safest, most nutritious food supply in the world, and if our food is so dangerous to our health, why does life expectancy in this country continue to climb.

And one final comment from a reader….“I’ve noticed that the people marching in those anti-GMO protests always look pretty well-fed to me, and where do they get the money to travel all over the country to protest against biotechnology?”

Well, as I say, thank you for your comments and your questions, and letting me share them with you on…

Samuelson Sez