15 Sept 2013 - What’s Bugging You?

After my discussion a few weeks ago about my concern over the mislabeling of beverages as ‘milk’, in which I said it should not be called almond milk or soy milk because if it doesn’t come from a cow it is not milk, a reader e-mailed me and said “So what else bugs you?”

The reader did say he agrees with most of my statements on Samuelson Sez, but he wanted to know what else raises my blood pressure Well, by now you have read about most of them in this column, but here is a list of some of the issues that still “bug me”.

I am really bothered by the infighting inside the American agriculture community, the ongoing argument about organic vs. conventional farming and which is the safer, more nutritious food; the argument over big farms vs. little farms and what is “big”; livestock producers angry with corn farmers who convert corn into ethanol. First of all, those arguments confuse 98% of the people not directly involved in agriculture, and secondly, there is room for every kind of farming and ranching operation, so stop the nitpicking!

A lot of things bother me when I am driving, everybody on the road today seems to have the “me first” attitude, “get out of my way because I’m important and I’m in a hurry”. One of my pet peeves is the inability of a lot of drivers to use their directionals. Does it take that much effort to let the other drivers know in advance when you are going to change lanes or make a turn? Those turn signals were put on cars and trucks for a reason, so use them!

If you really want to send my blood pressure off the charts, just do this...nail the Slow Moving Vehicle Emblem to your mailbox post to help you find your driveway at night. I’ve talked about it ad nauseam on my radio/TV shows and written about it many times in this column, but I continue to see the SMV emblem on golf course gates and mailbox posts, not just in front of suburban homes, but marking farm driveways in the country; farmers should know better! The SMV emblem has a legal purpose to avoid accidents and save lives on rural roads. In most states it is the law that a Slow Moving Vehicle emblem is to be placed ONLY on a vehicle that travels at speeds of less than 25 MPH. To use it any other way not only breaks the law, but takes away the importance of the emblem as a safety tool. There are many other materials you can use to mark your driveway entrance, so use them, and stop bugging me!

One more thing. . . I’m really tired of all the talk on Capitol Hill without any real action...on the economy, the farm bill, immigration reform; whatever happened to politics being the art of compromise, instead of “my way or the highway”?

Those are some of the bugs that bother me. Now, let me turn the tables and ask “What bugs you?” You can let me know at orion@agbizweek.com.

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