7 Dec 2013 - Why Can’t We just Get Along.

Why can’t we just get along? Once again, it’s the holiday season, the time for giving and sharing, for loving and caring. So why do I read on the front page or watch on the television news or listen on the radio to stories of people being trampled in the rush to get to get the best buy in the store on Black Friday? Why do I read of fist fights in shopping mall parking lots as people fight for the last parking spot? What happened to the spirit of Christmas?

The season has become so commercial and spiritless that we have lost its true meaning....and it seems to get worse every year. Why can’t we just get along?

And why do we spend so much time in the courtroom filing lawsuits to prevent the display of the symbols of the season on public property? Is it really going to pollute someone’s mind if they see the symbol of a different belief? There is plenty of room for all of us and our beliefs this time of the year, so why shouldn’t we be able to see the many other religious displays.....the Menorah, the Nativity Scene, the Christmas tree and the many other symbols of different religions? We all might learn something. This year, alongside those displays in the public plaza in Chicago, there is a large red “A” put there by a group of atheists. I don’t share their belief, but I’m not offended by it.

I grew up in a small Lutheran church in Wisconsin and all my life have celebrated the birth of Christ on Christmas Day and have done it in a church. We celebrated with family and friends and Dad always put some extra hay and silage in front of the cows in the barn on Christmas Eve, but the focus was always on the church and the birth of Christ. That will certainly not change, regardless of what religious display I see on public property.

So let’s stay out of the courtroom, let’s quit fighting over parking spaces and the “best buys” in the store, let’s quit worrying about the displays on public property, and instead, enjoy good time with friends and family and try to make life a little happier for those less fortunate than us. Let’s make it the season of loving and caring and giving and sharing. Let me greet you with a Merry Christmas, (I will not say Happy Holidays) and you, in turn, greet me with the salutation of your belief. And let’s just get along! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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