20 Dec 2013 - You Can Wish Me Merry CHRISTmas

The new technology that we embrace today has certainly changed some traditions. One of them.....I am not finding as many Christmas cards in my mailbox anymore, but I do enjoy receiving Christmas cards and I do enjoy sending them.

One of the cards I look forward to each year comes from Skip and Mary Warp. Do you remember Warp Brothers? Warp Brothers Flex-O-Glass took the place of storm windows in our farm home in Wisconsin. That Flex-O-Glass made our home just a little bit warmer during the winter.

The company is still in business approaching the century mark and they have an annual Christmas tradition of sending a small booklet entitled “Warp’s Yuletide Greetings”. One of the poets writing for Yuletide Greetings is Clay Harrison; he is an excellent writer and I would like to share with you this Christmas season’s selection. It is entitled: “You Can Wish Me Merry Christmas”. I’ve written about this in Samuelson Sez, the freedom to use the greeting of our religion without offending or being offended if other people do the same to us. This is the way Clay Harrison put it.

We celebrate in different ways as the holidays draw near
and bring gifts to the loved ones who support us thru the year.
Some say that “Merry CHRISTMAS” is no longer correct,
and Santa’s jolly, Ho! Ho! Ho! has caused us to reflect.

It’s not cool to be old-fashioned, the modern critics say,
But the faith of our forefathers is alive and well today!
Time has changed the gifts we give, each year there’s something new,
But it’s still the thought that counts to make a dream come true.

You can wish me “Merry CHRISTmas as you did in years gone by,
and we’‘ll sing some CHRISTmas carols and share some mince meat pie.
You can wish me Merry CHRISTmas and you can hug me too,
for a very Merry CHRISTmas is what I wish for you.

The words of Clay Harrison in Warp’s 2013 Yuletide Greetings. With that note I will say thank you for joining us each week to read Samuelson Sez and this week I will take the thoughts of Clay Harrison and say, “Merry CHRISTmas”.

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