18 February 2014 - Chipotle Mexican Grille, Get a Life!

I’ve heard from several of you in the past few days expressing your concern over ‘Pharmed & Dangerous’. So what is ‘Pharmed and Dangerous’? It is a four-part video series produced by the Chipotle Mexican Grille people telling everybody how bad American Agriculture is. I just don’t understand why a company that serves food as it’s business criticizes the people who produce it.

If I were a producer or a supplier of Chipotle I think I would wonder about even providing them with a product since they, in most cases, think it is badly produced. I hope Chipotle realizes that many people are concerned about yet another attack on America’s farm and ranch families.

While companies like Chipotle insist on talking about the ‘bad side’ of agriculture in their eyes, let me remind them of a few facts. In America, less than 2% of our population is able to provide healthy, nutritious food for all of us and many other people around the world; and yet American agriculture provides nearly 20% of the jobs in America, from producers all the way to the servers in those restaurants. They are concerned about environment, they are concerned about the care of their livestock, they are as concerned about safety of food as anyone else, because they also consume it.

They are concerned about the environment. With the use of today’s technology, they are able to produce more food on fewer acres and save fragile lands that are susceptible to wind and water erosion. And I’ve often used an old Will Rogers quote to make that point…”when it comes to land, they ain’t making any more”.

We have big farms, we have small farms, we have organic farms, we have conventional farms, and there is room for all of them in American agriculture.

In addition to that, 97% of the farms in this country are owned and operated by families, hard-working people who have the same wants and hopes that I think all of us have. How many people around the world would give anything to have the kind of food production that we have here in the United States?

So Chipotle, I have this question; why do you feel compelled to do this? Is it an advertising ploy to frighten customers of your competitors to make them think they are getting food that is unsafe? There is no science to justify that thinking, and I’m betting your perception of how crops should be raised and livestock should be cared for are decided by people who have never raised a crop or operated a livestock farm.

I just don’t understand why you attack the very people who produce the product that you sell. I can assure you of one thing, it won’t affect your bottom line, but you’ll not see me visiting a Chipotle Mexican Grille until you change your attitude toward America‘s farmers and ranchers.

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