22 February 2014 - Do We Really Need Daylight Saving Time?

Daylight Saving Time the year round? Why not? I suggested that two or three years ago and it didn’t happen, but I think it is time to bring it up again. This week I was reminded of the fact that come March 9th, we will begin Daylight Savings Time across the country, except Arizona and Hawaii.

I was reminded of the Daylight Saving Time issue because a legislator in Tennessee has introduced legislation or is at least promoting the idea of Tennessee going on Daylight Saving Time the year ‘round.

Way back when Daylight Saving Time was instituted it was because of the war effort and the attempt to save energy, but the other arguments that were used to promote Daylight Saving time don’t hold much water anymore. There were those who said dairy cows would produce less milk because of the time change. Dairy cows don’t understand the fact that we are changing the clocks twice a year. There were those who said farmers would have to work later into the evening to take advantage of more daylight at the end of the day, and by the time they finished their work, the stores in town would be closed and they couldn’t do their shopping.

Well, we now have shopping malls across the country and big box stores in rural areas that do stay open later, so that argument doesn’t hold much water either. Other people have other concerns, parents who say they don’t want their children walking to school in darkness, but as a kid in World War II, I walked a mile to school by moon light or dawn’s early light and I survived.

I wonder how many people will be late for church or late for work Sunday, March 9th when we go to Daylight Saving Time because they forgot to move the clock forward one hour before they went to bed on Saturday night. How much time do we waste changing clocks, moving them forward in the Spring and backward in the Fall? I know there are atomic clocks that set themselves now, but there are still a lot of clocks in our house that need manual setting, as well as thousands of clock towers in the country. And it plays havoc with plane, train and bus schedules. To me that seems such a waste of the commodity that we are supposedly trying to save...Time!

I offer one more argument for my case, the best definition I have heard of Daylight Saving Time. . . it’s like cutting a foot off the bottom of the blanket and sewing it on the top to make it longer. It doesn’t make the blanket longer and we don’t create an hour of sunshine with Daylight Saving Time. So why not enjoy it 52 weeks a year?!

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