2 March 2014 - You’re Smarter than an Ad Campaign

A couple of weeks ago on my ‘Samuelson Sez’ commentary that we present on our TV show, ‘This Week in AgriBusiness’, as well as on radio and in this column, I talked about the video series entitled ‘Farmed and Dangerous’ produced by Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurants. It’s a series that in my opinion actually attacks the farmers and ranchers who provide Chipotle with the food products they sell.

I heard from a lot of you and 95% were supportive, but not everyone liked what I said. Let me share a couple segments from a very long e-mail sent by a viewer in Portland, Oregon who certainly didn’t agree with my views . . . “Don’t watch your show often, but happened upon it this weekend . . . the old guy who talks like he ate a quaalude and had three martinis for lunch made an attack on the new Hulu TV series, Farmed and Dangerous.

Make him do his homework. It’s a SATIRE, you ignorant old redneck! Like Saturday Night Live meets Green Acres. When one of your lead commentators/anchors makes that kind of mistake, how can I put any faith in anything else on your show?”

The criticism went on and on implying that the TV series was satire, not serious, and I should know better. Let me say that not one of the e-mail supporters thought it was satire, and ranged anywhere from concerned to downright angry with Chipotle.

Since I’m the ignorant old redneck who has three martinis for lunch, I decided I would quote someone else to respond, so I turn to the President of American Agri-Women, Sue McCrum, who issued her response to the Chipotle video by saying to the American people, ‘You’re Smarter than an Ad Campaign’.

Let me quote just a couple of paragraphs from her statement . . . “Don’t be fooled by Hollywood productions or slick marketing campaigns that are aimed at the uninformed consumer. And, for us in agriculture, we need to guard against misinformation - attacks - that pit us against each other.

America, you are SMARTER than an ad campaign. How fortunate that here in the U.S. we have an abundant and safe food supply. You are allowed to purchase whatever food you want. Let’s be grateful for that. I speak for thousands of women in agriculture and their families as I make this statement. ‘We live on our family farms. We eat what is grown here and we drink the water.’”

From an “ignorant old redneck”; Sue, I thank you for your response!

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