16 March 2014 - Let’s Play Ball - With FFA

Hopefully, this long, tough winter over much of the country is winding down and will come to an end. There are some signs. We have reached the first day of Spring on the calendar and baseball teams are in Spring Training. The season is just days away, so in light of that, I don’t feel like picking on anybody this week. Instead, I want to share some good news.

This story caught my eyes a few days ago. The National FFA Organization is partnering with eight major league baseball teams to host FFA DAY at the Ballpark. The goal is to raise funds and community awareness of FFA.

If you have read this column or been part of my radio-TV audience for any period of time, or if you have read my book “You Can’t Dream Big Enough,” you know how strongly I feel about the programs of both 4-H and FFA; especially the speaking programs that led me into my broadcasting career. So anytime I can talk about the good work done by these organizations, I am delighted to do it and I think this is really a good story.

FFA members, their friends and family members and FFA supporters can catch a major league baseball game this summer and take advantage of specially discounted ticket rates, help raise funds for FFA and heighten awareness of the organization. FFA Day at the Ballpark baseball games will be played in June & July from Washington, D.C. all the way to Washington State.

To help you make your plans early, here is the schedule....
June14 at Seattle; June 20 at Kansas City; June 22 at Cincinnati;
June 22 at St Louis; June 27 at Milwaukee; July 11 at Philadelphia;
July 20 at Washington; and July 27 at Colorado.

Each game will be a fund-raising event for FFA and a portion of each ticket sold will benefit the FFA at the state level. But beyond that, and in my thinking, even more important is the recognition that FFA will get with the 500,000 fans in the eight ballparks as well as the media coverage. I hope thousands of FFA members will be in the stands to show how the organization makes a positive difference in the lives of agricultural education students throughout the country.

If you want more information or if you want to order tickets, you can do so online, FFA Day at the Ballpark and here is the website:
FFA.org/MLB. Let’s support FFA and let’s play ball!

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