30 March 2014 - Do We Want a Clean Environment

Do we really want a clean environment? I think we are becoming a ‘Nation of Slobs’. Now, that language might be too strong for some of you, but bear with me. We talk a lot about wanting a clean environment, but I really don’t think we practice it very well and many of us probably, not at all.

The reason I bring this up today is what I’m seeing after the long, hard winter with deep snow on the ground, particularly along our roads and highways where the snow banks have been high and deep. Every day I drive 52 miles from my home in Huntley, Illinois to downtown Chicago on an Interstate Tollway. Now that the snow is gone and the pavement is bare, I am astounded at the garbage I am seeing. People apparently think the car window is a waste basket. They roll it down and throw out whatever they don’t want instead of waiting to deposit it in a garbage can.

So far on my daily trips I have seen lots of water bottles and beer cans of course, a mattress, plastic bags, papers, food containers, magazines, one tennis shoe, gloves, scarves and I’ve seen large garbage bags, that when they were thrown from the car, broke open and spilled their contents over the roadway, creating a mess as well as a traffic hazard.

That is not practicing a ‘clean environment‘, my friends, so will you stop rolling down that window and using our roadsides as your waste basket and garbage can! You know someone will have to collect it and that will be our tax dollars at work.

Another point while I am on the subject of dropping things from your car. . . this is a problem in the country. There are city folks who, for whatever reason, can no longer keep their pet dog. Perhaps they can’t afford to feed the animal, or just don’t want it. So they think. . .‘farmers like dogs’, and they put the animal in the car, take it out and drop it on a country road; just knowing that a kind-hearted farm family will take it in, feed it and take care of it. Think again! The farm family already has a dog and doesn’t want another one to feed. And these dogs, when dropped off in the country to fend for themselves, form packs and attack livestock, killing dairy calves and sheep. If you can’t handle your dog anymore, give it to a shelter. Don’t take it out and drop it on a country road thinking a farmer will take care of it.

And people….let’s start practicing ‘clean environment’ instead of just talking about it.

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