6 April 2014

My friends and well-wishers tell me that I reached a milestone on March 31st this year when I celebrated my 80th birthday. Well, my response to that is ‘Every birthday is a milestone and I celebrate every one with gusto because the alternative is lousy!’

Yes, it was 80 years ago, March 31st, 1934 that I arrived on the planet in a late March blizzard. It snowed so hard the doctor couldn’t get to the farm, so I was delivered by great-aunt Jennie in the bedroom, in the farmhouse in Vernon County, Wisconsin.

Having been on the planet 8 decades I have learned some things; I haven’t always followed the lessons I learned, but let me share just a few of them with you.

My first is . . . Worry is a wasted effort. I worry about things I can control; I don’t worry for a minute about things I can’t control.

Another lesson . . . Don’t evaluate a happening when it happens; give it some time. If you’ve read my book - “You Can’t Dream Big Enough”, you know that coming out of 8th grade I was stricken with a leg-bone disease and couldn’t walk for two years - a major setback that made me very angry. But during my recovery, I listened to radio a great deal, and with the help of my vo-ag teacher decided to pursue that as a career, and I’ve been doing it now for 62 years. A personal tragedy became a positive
life-changing event. So never evaluate a happening when it happens, God may have a reason, so give it some time.

Another lesson I have learned from covering markets for over half a century, PRICES NEVER GO THE SAME WAY FOREVER! There is always a price correction and that rule is unbreakable.

A lesson that my kids heard over and over when they were growing up,….find something you like to do so much, you will do it for nothing, and then do it so well you will get paid to do it.

Finally, for the last 55 years I have been getting up at 2:45 in the morning to go to work on my radio show. My friends often ask how do I do it and sound so happy about it on the air. Here is my daily routine. When the alarm goes off, I get up, no extra winks! I put both feet firmly on the floor and say “Good Morning, God” instead of “Good God, Morning!” It works.

Some lessons learned in my 80 years and I’m still learning!

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