7 September 2014 - What’s bugging Orion?

Once a week on the Steve Cochran morning show on WGN Radio in Chicago (my other full-time job) I do a segment titled “What’s Bugging Orion”. It was suggested by a listener who thinks I’m always calm and reasonable, and nothing ever bugs me. So, this week I’m transferring the idea to Samuelson Sez and here are come of the things bugging me now, some of them you have heard before.

Climate Change - I guess it’s happening, but I can’t be sure because we are making the determination on very short time periods... a decade, a half century, or maybe a century. Weather historians tell me the North American Ice Age started 30,000 years ago, reached its peak 20,000 years ago and ended 10,000 years ago. And we’re measuring climate change in a 50 or 100 year period?

Animal Rights Groups like PETA, HSUS and others; and restaurants and retailers like Chipotle and Whole Foods whose executives sit in their comfortable high-rise offices and decide they know more about raising and caring for animals than the farm and ranch families who do it for a living. And, ignoring the fact there are bad apples in every profession and industry, they’ll take one animal abuse incident and claim that’s what is happening on every farm and ranch. At least HSUS is honest enough to state their goal is to eliminate animal agriculture from the world and force all of us to become vegetarians.

Slow Moving Emblem misuse - I’ve written about this so many times over the years, and people, including farmers, still continue to break the law in many states. My concern is safety on rural roads and highways, and avoiding collisions between autos and slow moving farm equipment. That’s why many states have made it a law to use the SMV emblem only on slow moving equipment, not on stationary gates, mailboxes or as driveway markers in the country. Those are illegal uses, so stop it!

And finally, this has nothing to do with agriculture, but when I own all the airlines, seat backs on airplanes will not recline! When I buy a ticket , I’m buying the space from the back of the upright seat in front of me to the back of my upright seat. I don’t want your seat (or your head) in my lap when I am trying to read or do work on my lap-top! I have been able to nap sitting upright for decades and you can learn to do the same.

So now you know I’m not always calm and reasonable, and I’ve reached the age where I feel I no longer have to be politically correct. I say what I think and you can agree or disagree. Just don’t use any four-letter words, because if you do, I will ignore you.

My thought on Samuelson Sez.