12 October 2014 - If You Eat, You Die, If You Don’t Eat, You Die

I know I have said a couple of times over the summer that I am done talking about the GMO labeling issue, but then a story comes across my desk that changes my resolve and forces me to break my rule because I just have to talk about it.

Let me quote the latest story from my Thomson Reuters News Service, “A majority of U. S. packaged foods labeled as ‘natural’ contained a substantial level of genetically modified ingredients according to Consumer Reports, the non-profit product testing group. The Executive Director of its Food Safety and Sustainability Group said consumers are being misled by the ‘natural’ label. But are they? Where, in the dictionary, does it define ‘natural’ as organic and free of GMO’s?

Consumer Reports Magazine conducted a survey of more than 80 processed foods containing corn or soy and found that those labaled non-GMO as well as organic were found to be free of GMO’s. That’s fine with me and supports the statement from an Iowa corn farmer a couple of years ago who said if you want to be free of GMO’s buy your food at an organic food store rather than forcing across-the-board labeling in supermarkets that implies there is something wrong with GMO’s..

I have not seen any stories about health epidemics caused by consuming GMO foods nor I have I heard of any death certificate listing ‘Cause of death - Consumed GMO food’. GMO’s have been around now for over four decades and we have been consuming GMO’s in many of our food products all that time, so maybe it is time to say those foods ARE natural.

The Grocery Manufacturers of America, representing more than 300 food companies, is pushing the Federal government to develop a definition of the term ‘natural’ on food packaging and to allow foods containing GMO’s to be labeled as ‘natural’.

I definitely think it is time to revise food labeling definitions so consumers know exactly what they are getting in their food products. And again I say if we are going to have GMO labeling, make it national, not state-by-state.

Finally, I leave you with my eating motto... “If you eat, you die; if you don’t eat, you die”

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