12 December 2014 - What’s Bugging Orion

Every so often, on Samuelson Sez, I take the time to answer a question that was posed to me several years ago by a person who after reading and listening to me got the idea that I’m always calm, cool and collected. . “Does anything ever bug you?” Well, yes, there are things that bug me, so let me share some of them with you this week, on Samuelson Sez.

LANGUAGE bothers me . . . the use of words that are so overused in today’s conversation. . .words like ‘cool’. Everything is ‘cool’. Isn’t there anything that is lukewarm or hot? Another word that is overused a great deal, particularly by young people is ‘awesome’. Is everything ‘awesome’? Couldn’t it be stupendous, unusual or astonishing?

Then TECHNOLOGY, yes I use technology a great deal, but there are some things about technology that bugs me. First of all, we no longer know how to spell because we have spell check on the computer. We no longer know how to do multiplication, division, addition and subtraction because we have that on the computer. Texting bugs me because we are losing the art of conversation. A few weeks ago I saw two young people standing within 10 feet of each other texting instead of talking. Texting has its place, but not in that case. Finally, we no longer know how to read a map because now we arrive at our destination with the help of GPS. We are losing, I believe, many of these skills that we really should maintain.

Then I am bothered by people who, well let me give you an example. . .
The GMO issue. . .when people complain to me about GMO’s, the first question I ask is “What is a GMO?” They just look at me, and can’t answer that question. They don’t even know what they are objecting to and I am bugged by people who criticize something without any basic knowledge of what it is or why we have it in our society today.

The final thing that bugs me this time of the year. . .people who can’t say “Merry Christmas” to me, but instead say Season’s Greetings without any reference to Christmas. This is particularly true in businesses where management is so concerned about ‘offending’ a customer they tell their staff to say ‘Happy Holidays’. I AM a customer and I am a Christian, and I am offended that employees can’t recognize my holiday.
I celebrate Christmas and I will greet everyone with a Merry or Blessed Christmas and if their comeback is Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza, or whatever greeting they use in their faith, that is perfectly fine with me. It expands my knowledge of other religions and I think it shows respect for me and my religious beliefs. And my bottom line to that is we need to treat everyone with RESPECT. Merry Christmas!

Those are some of the things that bug me and that is this week’s...

Samuelson Sez