28 December 2014 - Christmas Wishes from a Special Friend

Among the many Christmas cards that Gloria and I receive every year, and we thank you for remembering us, there is one that is special for two reasons, its contents and the people who send it, Harold (Skip) and Mary Warp. You may be familiar with that name. It has been around for 90 years as Warp Brothers, pioneers in plastic, based in Chicago and family-owned since 1924.

I especially remember it for Warp’s Flex-O-Glass. We couldn’t afford storm windows on our Wisconsin farm house, but as a kid I recall helping my Dad nail it to the outside of our windows to serve as a storm window and it helped keep snow and those cold winter winds out of the house. It’s good to know the product is still doing that today.

Every year their Christmas card is a booklet of poetry, so let me share some of that with you this festive holiday season. First of all, there is Clay Harrison’s version of WHAT A YEAR IT‘S BEEN...

The year is coming to an end, and what a year it’s been!
Thirteen years since Nine-Eleven and we’re at war again.
The headlines are disturbing at home and far away
Even in the afterglow of another Christmas day.

Christ’s birthday serves to remind us of another time and place
When God sent down the Prince of Peace to save the human race.
We face uncertain days ahead but we’ve been there before
We’re still ‘One Nation under God’ from sea to shining shore.

A new year stands before us with mountains we must climb
And the old year will soon be known as ‘once upon a time’.
We have hope and we can cope trusting God all the way
And come what may, we proudly say “God Bless the U.S.A.!”

Clay Harrison also had this to say about ….
To love a child is priceless, a gift from God above.
They’re the nearest thing to heaven on earth for us to love.
They’re so cute when they cuddle, so tender and so mild,
There’s nothing quite as charming as the love of a child.

Their little eyes keep watching everything we do,
For when children are dreaming, they are thinking of you.
They will ask so many questions it keeps us on our toes,
and it seems like overnight they’ve outgrown their clothes.

Some of life’s most tender moments come with bedtime prayers
When they’re “God blessing” everyone including teddy bears
How precious are the memories that childhood can impart
After they have left the nest, they’re engraved upon the heart.

Those are some of the Christmas wishes from the Warp family that we look forward to every year, and with their permission we are happy to share them with you on. . .

Samuelson Sez