19 April 2015 - Show Me The Bodies

Normally I am not this blunt on Samuelson Sez, to use a phrase like “Show me the bodies”, but I use that phrase this week because I am angry.

I am angry because whenever I talk about my support for research, biotechnology and genetically modified organisms, GMO’s, I hear from several of you under the anonymity of the internet who accuse me of being everything from a murderer, a child molester, a wife beater, a destroyer of the environment, all because of my support for biotechnology and GMO’s.

That is why I say “Show me the bodies”, show me how many people have died because they have eaten food containing GMO’s, something we as consumers around the world have been doing now for several decades. I have yet to see or hear of a death certificate that says cause of death “Death by ingestion of GMO food.”

But I have seen the hunger and starvation, particularly in children, in this country and in my travels around the world. I am aware of how the population continues to grow, how our life expectancy is increasing and by the year 2050 it is estimated there will be 9-billion people on this planet, 2-billion more than we have now.

We are not finding or making any new productive farm land, so that means that we must use science and technology to produce more from the land that we currently farm in countries around the world. I do know that as a youngster on our Wisconsin farm we produced 50 bushels of corn per acre. This past year in the U.S. we averaged over 160 bushels per acre, and many farmers produced 300 bushels, thanks to GMO’s and technology.

One more point anonymous e-mailers like to make is that producers and users of GMO’s and technology are evil people, only interested in making money with no concerns for the well-being of the public. I know many of these people; they are friends of mine who are parents, church-goers, active in their schools and communities; and as they like to point out, they eat the food they produce.

If you want non-GMO food, it’s available, so go for it. Just don’t do it with emotional anti-GMO arguments at the expense of the science and technology-backed production we need to provide most of the world’s population with food to stay alive. And frankly, I’m very tired of the anonymous hate-filled name-calling e-mails from people who have never met me and don’t know me; but for what it’s worth, just know that I do not beat my wife, I do not molest children, I do not destroy the environment and I have never murdered anyone.

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