10 May 2015 - Show Me the Bodies - Part 2

I wasn’t at all surprised at the response I received to my “Show Me the Bodies” - Part One, a few weeks ago on Samuelson Sez. I heard from the usual name-callers, I also heard from people concerned about GMO’s who expressed their concerns very well, but with no scientific proof. More importantly for me, I heard from a lot of people who said I should continue to support GMO’s, biotechnology and research because as farmers and consumers, we need the technology to feed the growing world. I can assure you, I will.

But this week, I am going to turn to another voice to do that. At the Annual Coca Cola Shareholders Meeting held on April 29th in Atlanta, Justin Danhof, Director - National Center for Public Policy Research addressed shareholders and Coca Cola executives from the floor and shared these thoughts.

“Despite the fact that GMO’s are mainstream agriculture, that GMO’s feed people more efficiently, that GMO crops are more environment-friendly than conventional crops, and there is scientific consensus GMO foods are safe - activists still attack companies such as Coca Cola for using GMO’s in some of its products. Last year Scientific American reported that the delayed application of Vitamin A-enhanced Golden Rice, thanks to controversies stirred by anti-GMO activists, had cost over 1.4 million life years in India alone. This is real human suffering and death.

He went on to say . . . “The anti-GMO attacks come from Americans who have likely never missed a meal in their lives. The campaign against GMO’s is unscientific, fear-based and inhumane, but they are winning. One ABC news poll showed 93% of Americans think the Federal government should mandate GMO labeling - a tactic they hope will elevate GMO’s with taboo products such as tobacco and alcohol. As perhaps the most recognized brand in the world, Coca Cola has an opportunity, and indeed a duty, to do more to bridge the GMO information gap and educate consumers about the safety of GMO products.”

I fully agree with what Mr. Danhof had to say and I wish food companies would spend as much time defending science as they do reacting to emotional activists whose claims are not based on science. We have been consuming GMO foods for four decades now and I have yet to see the first death certificate that lists cause of death from consuming GMO foods.

Finally, some personal comments in response to e-mails. Number one, for 55 years my salary check has been signed by WGN Radio, Chicago; not by Monsanto, DuPont or Dow as some of you assume and insinuate, without any proof. Number two, I do have a mind of my own and I will continue to say what I think . . . because I say what I believe and I believe in what I say.

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