19 June 2015 - A Salute to the Women of Agriculture

This week on Samuelson Sez, I am not picking on anyone. Instead, I am saluting - the Women of American Agriculture who play such an important role on farms and ranches across the country to produce food, fiber and energy for the USA and the world.

The event is the 40th anniversary of American Agri-Women. The president of American Agri-Women from Maine, Sue McCrum and her officer team have a rather unique way of celebrating the 40th anniversary.

They are driving across America, stopping in towns, cities, farms and ranches along the way to talk about the importance of agriculture . . .

  • To recognize the important role women play in American Agriculture - - To develop a stronger network between American agriculturists and consumers
  • To highlight the exceptional Agricultural Food and Fiber System in the USA and finally
  • To plant the future of Agriculture by bringing people together to support and promote agriculture and to rise to our “Planting Our Future” Challenge.

I am proud to say they are going to stop at my office in Chicago and I will have the opportunity to talk about progress made and challenges ahead. I have also been reminded by early members of American Agri-women that 40 years ago a group of the founding ladies sat down with me in my office in Chicago and we talked about the strength that women can bring to telling the story of agriculture.

From that meeting has come an organization that is the nation’s largest coalition of farm, ranch and business agri-women with more than 50 state and commodity affiliate organizations throughout the country working to ensure a safe, reliable and affordable food, fiber and fuel supply.

God bless the ladies who play such an important role on farms and ranches across the country, raising families, food, fiber and energy.

I take this opportunity to salute the American Agri-Women on their 40 Anniversary.

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