28 June 2015 - Don’t be Misled by “Pity” Ads

I am not alone in my criticism of the Humane Society of the United States. That is the organization that shows the heart-tugging ads on TV of dogs, cats, other pets and animals that have been badly mistreated and need care. HSUS says - “. . . send us money and we will stop the mistreatment; then we will help these animals by giving money to local animal health shelters.” Take a look at the financial statements filed by HSUS and see how much of your money actually goes to those local animal shelters.

Amanda Radke of Beef Magazine recently wrote an article on the latest activity at HSUS and quotes a release from the Center for Consumer Freedom. That organization has been very critical of the Humane Society of the United States and the way it is handling the money sent to it by concerned animal-loving donors. In its latest press release it reveals that an employee of HSUS has been charged with embezzling $31,175.00 of your donated money. The employee allegedly used the embezzled monies to fund an elaborate vacation in Aruba, as well as to make personal purchases.

According to Will Coggin, Director of Research for the Center for Consumer Freedom, “If the employee had sent that money to the Caribbean instead of herself, as alleged, it would have simply been business as usual at HSUS. Even more scandalous than the embezzlement of $31,000.00 is that HSUS has taken over 1,000 times that amount ($50-million) and placed it in Caribbean hedge funds instead of using that money to help care for currently needy dogs and cats. Donors should be repulsed by both the incompetence of HSUS management and its willingness to turn its back on the animals it claims to speak for.”

Add to that the fact that a Charity Navigator “Donor Advisory” has been issued against HSUS after the animal rights organization was involved in a $25-million settlement of a racketeering, fraud and bribery lawsuit last year.

Amanda Radke concludes her article by saying there are still many people who donate money to this organization because they genuinely believe that HSUS is an umbrella group that trickles funds down to local animal shelters, while it has little intention of actually helping animals. I share the feeling of the Center and Amanda and strongly suggest you take a hard look at how HSUS spends your meny before you send the check.

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