13 September 2015 - Find Out What’s Bugging Me Today

“So, what really bugs Orion?” This s a question in an e-mail I received a couple of years ago from a reader who suggested maybe occasionally I should retitle Samuelson Sez and make it “What’s Bugging Orion?”

I will take that suggestion this week because it’s a topic that I have covered before and it still really bugs me. What is it? It is soy milk, rice milk, coconut milk, cashew milk and almond milk. None of those products are milk and they should not be labeled milk. They should be labeled as a “beverage”.

I have nothing against the farmers who produce soybeans, rice, cashews or almonds, but I do have a big problem with the processors who use the word milk in the labeling and marketing of these beverages. A good part of my dislike comes from growing up on a Wisconsin dairy farm where I milked cows and I never milked a soybean plant, a coconut palm or an almond tree. Milk comes from dairy cows and goats, not from a tree or a plant. I know why they want to label it milk, because of the reputation that milk has as a wholesome and nutritious food.

Now some other people are agreeing with me, but for different reasons. Lawsuits have been filed against the processors of Almond Breeze and Silk brands, saying they are harming consumers by claiming to be ‘all natural’ or made mainly from almonds, when they actually contain additives, sweeteners and only a small percentage of almonds. A lady in California involved in one lawsuit said “almond milk is not primarily made from almonds, only 2% of the product is almonds.”

I am not in favor of lawsuits, I just want the processors to stop bugging me by calling their products milk when they are really beverages!

Now if I may, I would like to close with a line from my good friend, the late Paul Harvey...”Partly personal, please.” Samuelson Sez will take a breather for a short time because in two days I will be undergoing heart surgery to work on a couple valves that after 81 years of pumping blood are in need of some repair work. Since I’m Norwegian, I thought I’d be able to return in a week, but my surgeon says it will take a little longer. Everything will be fine and I thank you for your prayers!

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