20 September 2015 - Agriculture is in my blood!

Most of you know the story. I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, a farm without electricity, running water or a telephone. Before walking a mile to my 8th grade country school I would throw down silage from the silo, water and feed to the calves and milk cows by hand.

That is probably what I would still be doing today, had it not been for a bone disease that made me an invalid for two years and took away the possibility of doing the heavy work of farming for a living.

I turned that knowledge into a broadcast career that I have enjoyed for 62-years. It is a career that my Dad described as. . . . “It must be nice to be able to look at all that hard work and then just talk about it.” It is the best job description I will ever get, because that is what I have been doing and agriculture is definitely in my blood.

Now it is LITERALLY in my blood! After an almost 5 hour surgery last Monday at the University of Chicago Medical Center, performed by Dr. Husain Bahlky and his very talented surgical team, I now have an Aortic valve thanks to a baby calf and a Mitral valve thanks to a pig. I now again have a fully functioning 81-year-old heart, thanks to agriculture and science and that gifted surgical team.

I am home from the hospital in 5 days and am slowly getting back into a normal routine. I look forward to resuming my broadcast schedule in the near future.

Finally, a huge thank you to all for the prayers, emails, and cards. They are much appreciated and entertain me while I am regaining my strength. Stay tuned.

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