28 November 2015 - Thanks to Companies for Community Support

I occasionally get e-mails or get involved in conversations with people who like to condemn all corporations or companies, regardless of the industry. I often hear those critics say the company CEO’s or managers are only interested in lining their own pockets and don’t really care about people in the community.

I don’t agree with that. I have a lot of friends who are corporate officers and managers and they are caring people who have the same hopes and goals for their family and friends as most of us do. During this season they do find ways to help people who have challenges in their life and are less fortunate than many of us. A press release came across my desk just a few days ago that sums it up very well. This is the headline that caught my eye…‘ADM Contributes $360,000 to Local Food Banks‘. ADM Cares is the social investment program of Archer Daniels Midland based in Decatur, Illinois that directs funds to initiatives and organizations that drive meaningful social, economic and environmental progress worldwide.

Jennifer Ballinger serves as the Director of ADM Cares and she says it all so well that I will use her words in the press release to make my point, corporations and their leaders do have a heart and they do care.

This is what Jennifer had to say. . . “It’s important to reach out to those in need during the holiday season, and we provide grants to numerous organizations that provide special food assistance programs this time of year. Our colleagues also get involved in many different ways, such as volunteering for and donating to food drives and food packing events and serving meals at missions and soup kitchens. But it’s also important to remember that these organizations need support throughout the year, and as one of the world’s largest agricultural processors and food ingredient providers, ADM is committed to providing help year-around to those that need assistance most in the communities where we live and work.”

Those are the words of the Director of ADM Cares. I know you will find those same views in many other corporations and companies across America, particularly those involved in agriculture and agri-business because they know the importance of producing food and getting it to people who need it.

So during this holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I thank companies like ADM and the many other companies and their leaders across America that do support their local communities. Again I say, they do care and they do have a heart.

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