20 December 2015 - Samuelson Sez - Why Can’t We Just Get Along

It’s a message I think I deliver just about every year at this time, at the CHRISTmas season, a joyous time of year when people who are of the Christian faith celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The question I ask is. . . “Why do we have to spend so much time in the courtroom defending our right to follow the teachings of our particular religion. Why can’t people of various religions, or even those lacking any faith, respect and tolerate each other’s beliefs?

I am not concerned about the separation of state and religion. I think we should be adult enough to realize that what we do in our personal lives and what we believe in our personal lives should have the opportunity of expression by people of all faiths.

Yet every year we go through this, and it’s not just big cities and urban communities. It happens In towns and communities in rural America, where the church is not only the spiritual center, it is the cultural center and the gathering place for social events and all the activities of life, from birth to burial.

But even in these rural communities we find groups and individuals who want to dictate to their neighbors how and where to display Nativity scenes, Menorahs and other religious symbols, and if they don’t get their way, they are off to the courtroom, taking valuable court time and putting a lot of money in the pockets of attorneys.

This is a time when we should be having fun, when we should be taking the time to honor and express our beliefs in a meaningful way. It should be a time when families get together, not to argue about how to express religious beliefs, but to enjoy the love and spirit of Christmas and it’s meaning, and to look forward to the New Year.

One of my broadcasting colleagues in Chicago said he was already looking forward to Christmas NEXT year. I asked him why and he said “ because the presidential election will be history and we won’t have to be listening to all the candidates attacking each other and making promises they can’t keep”.
I hadn’t thought about that, but I agree.

In any event, I want to say to all of you, a very Merry CHRISTmas, and you can return your greeting in whatever faith is yours and I will gladly and gratefully accept your greetings of the season. So let us stay out of the courtroom during this Christmas season. Let’s instead spend time with family and friends, wishing each other the joys of the holiday season.

Again, I say to you, Merry CHRISTmas on Samuelson Sez.