24 Jan 2016 - Another win for the E.P.A.

At every meeting of a farm organization, on a state or national level, that I have attended this winter, eventually the conversation gets around to two terms. . . EPA-Environmental Protection Agency and WOTUS - Waters of the United States. That issue has been discussed as over-regulation at it’s worst for several months. Farmers simply say they can’t work under the rules the EPA has stated now for Waters of the United States.

On this issue, Congress came together and passed a resolution disapproving of the EPA’s new definition of WOTUS. It reached the desk of President Obama earlier this month, and the President vetoed the resolution, giving E.P.A. officials his blessing and ignoring the sound reasoning of farmers and ranchers who now have to work with these rules laid out by people in their Washington, D.C. offices.

Farmers and ranchers and their organizations reacted as I thought they would...angry statements and
e-mails condemning the President’s veto.

I think the feeling of agriculture was pretty well summed up by the President of the National Corn Growers Association, Chip Bowling, who issued this statement and I quote . . . “We are disappointed in the President’s veto, especially in light of the recent GAO report that stated EPA engaged in ‘covert propaganda’ in an effort to sell the American public on this rule. This administration continues to ignore the will of Congress and the significant impact this will have on our country’s farmers at a time when they cannot afford more regulatory confusion and red-tape.

The resolution would have given us the opportunity to work together on a better rule we can all support. Instead, the future of WOTUS remains in the hands of the courts – which may take months, if not years, and comes at a considerable cost.”

He concluded his comments . . . “Clean water is important to all of us. America’s corn farmers are committed to protecting our water resources for future generations. National Corn Grower’s Association has and will continue to work with the EPA on this important issue.”

Chip Bowling’s statement makes sense; the President’s veto of the resolution, in my opinion, makes no sense at all and gives his approval of more over-regulation by the E.P.A.

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