14 May 2016 - Our Future is in Great Hands

As the college year comes to an end, I want to take a moment to salute our young people, particularly our young people in agriculture, who are getting an education to pursue a career in agriculture or agribusiness.

The Illinois Soybean Association presented scholarships to seven college students recently and in turn, the students were asked to write the Association and share their ideas on how the scholarship will help them chose their career path and achieve their lifetime goals. Let me share some of their responses.

I quote a young lady who wrote - “I chose to pursue a major in crop sciences to have a career in agriculture so that I could play a part in feeding our exponentially growing population. Like Norman Borlaug, my goal is to become a plant breeder so I can design the highest yielding, pest and disease resistant, nutritious, rigorous plants for farmers to grow to feed the world.”

Another young lady offered this - “Today’s society is rapidly changing with many innovations on the brink of changing the world. One of these is the development of biotechnology and GMOs. They have the prospect of changing the world for the better through potentially increasing yields to help feed the world, developing crops to survive extreme conditions and decreasing pesticide use. The unlimited potential to positively impact the world is why I chose plant breeding as my future. I hope that pursuing a research career within plant breeding and soybeans is the way that I can make an impact and help the world become a better place.”

A young man wrote - “I have chosen to go into crop sciences for a few reasons. Not coming directly from a farming background can make you stick out sometimes, but I feel it also gives me an advantage. I was always very interested in farming practices and how something as small as a seed could grow. This curiosity continued through school as I excelled in genetics courses and saw the potential to do amazing things.”

I think the world is in good hands with these young people and I hope supporters of PETA and the Humane Society of the United States are reading this. These are the 4-H and FFA people you condemn for going to county and state fairs to compete with their livestock, their crops and their other projects with just one goal, to make their life better and as stated above to make the world a better place. They are being constructive, not destructive, so quit picking on them.

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