14 August 2016 - Thank You for Your Comments

Reaction to what I say and write every week on Samuelson Sez is always interesting, some time fascinating and once in a while, wondering if you really heard what I said. As I have said for years, I don’t expect you to always agree with me, but I do want to stimulate your thinking, and realize there are at least three sides to every story...your side, my side, and somewhere in between, more than likely, the truth.

Let me share some reaction to three of these commentaries over the past couple of months. First of all, my feeling about the Presidential election this year, and I must say I learned words I hadn’t heard before from some of you. I don’t know why people were so upset. I did not endorse either candidate; I simply said it is the most difficult presidential election for me since I voted for President the first time in 1952; and my vote will be more of an “against” vote rather than a “for” vote, but I will vote. The mildest criticism I received in an e-mail - “We were disappointed in what you had to say.” The lesson learned again...never discuss politics or religion.

On the positive side, my commentary on the one-room eight-grade country school generated a great deal of response. There are more one-room eight grade country schools operating today than I would have imagined. When I talked about it, I failed to remember that Amish communities certainly maintain many one-room eight-grade schools in their communities. But I discovered there are many more schools outside those communities, some with computers rather than blackboards, buses rather than walking and some with two teachers. Many of you attended these schools as I did, and I thank you for sharing the photographs and histories.

Finally, my discussion of the ‘Greatest Generation’ following my ride in a World War II B-17 Flying Fortress bomber just a few weeks ago. I did receive a great deal of reaction to that and I am grateful for all of it because generally the theme was - thank you for mentioning this, for talking about it, for reminding people what young people in this country went through decades ago to preserve the freedom and everything else we enjoy in this country, including the right to vote for a President. A couple of you actually flew missions in the B-17, the rest of you had family or friends who did. So thank you for all of your kind comments and yes, I will keep talking about ‘The Greatest Generation’.

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