06 November 2016 - Latest GMO Chapter

Just when you think the attacks on GMO's can't get any stranger, here comes the New York State Parent Teacher Association who wants the state to remove any genetically modified foods and drinks from school lunch programs.

Let me share with you the exact wording of the resolution that will be voted on this month.

"This biotechnology science creates unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods to obtain a desired trait or characteristic. Some research suggests an association between GMO and GE food consumption with grave health hazards such as tumor development, kidney and liver toxicity and even death in laboratory and food production animals."

The resolution concludes . . . "Until GMO and GE food safety is conclusively supported by good science, The New York PTA proposes acting with caution and keeping these products out of school-provided food and drinks."

Conclusively supported by good science??? These people are involved in education. Did they not read the 388-page report written by the best scientists in the world who checked more than 2,000 studies, and concluded there are no differences that implicate a higher risk to human health from GMO foods to foods that come from non-GMO sources? In other words, no findings of cancer, liver or kidney toxicity, no deaths of laboratory animals. How much more good science do you need?

Memo to Cornell University - you have a job to do in New York state to explain good science to people who apparently do not understand what proper scientific research is all about. The scary thing about this resolution is it could spread to other states and put another obstacle in the path of necessary technology.
There is another headline that deserves comment this week . . .

"Humane Society of the United States lays off 55 employees amid $20-million funding shortfall." Apparently, people are learning that very little of their contributions go to help local animal shelters. Instead in 2015, according to the Center for Consumer Freedom, the CEO of the Humane Society received a compensation package of $450,000, 42 staffers received six-figure packages and $150-million went into offshore funds. Make sure you know how your charitable contributions are used once you donate the money.

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