27 November 2016 - Giving Thanks in this Country

Regardless of where we live in these United States, whether it is on a farm, ranch or in town, most of us have a great deal to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day weekend. I know I certainly do, but I want to share Samuelson Sez this week with a farm couple from Illinois, John and Kendra Smiley, who write the “Home Front” column for Prairie Farmer magazine. They give 12 reasons for their family to be thankful on their farm this Thanksgiving.

Let me share these 12 thoughts with you. Kendra starts by writing . . .

1. Living on a farm where neighbors know what cars belong in the lane and are willing to check if anything looks suspicious.

2. Raising kids who didn’t have to be quiet in the yard.

3. Having friends who know we’re gone and are willing to drive in and out of the lane after a snowstorm so no unauthorized person will know we’re not home.

4. Being able to hang laundry on the line while ‘underdressed’.

5. Spending time with folks who knew our kids and expected them to behave.

6. Having extended family nearby to encourage our boys.

7. Knowing the names of everyone I worship with in church on Sunday.

Then John writes numbers eight thru ten. He says . . .

8. Not having to allow extra time for traffic as I travel to the field, elevator or home for lunch.

9. A gravel road near our home where I’m able to jog or leisurely walk right down the middle with very little interference.

10. Wide-open spaces where our kids, and now our grand kids can safely play.

Kendra concludes the 12 reasons . . .

11. Being an important part of the farm operation (even though that was never on my “bucket list”).

12. John’s patience with me and his willingness to play the “Thankful Game,” if only for numbers 8-10.

Thank you, John and Kendra Smiley, for your reasons for giving thanks and thanks to Prairie Farmer Magazine for serving the agricultural industry for 175 years.

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