10 March 2017 - A Day We Should Celebrate, March 21st.

I am still in the desert and making a slow but good recovery from surgery. Now that we are in the month of March this week, I want to talk about a very special day this month, March 21st.

Yes, it is the first day of Spring but also National Agriculture Day, something we have been celebrating in this country for over a half-century, not only in our nation’s capitol but in civic clubs, schools and church gatherings all across the country. This day of recognition is to say thank you to you, the farmers, ranchers and food producers who provide us with quality and nutritious food at lower prices than any country in the world. It gives us an opportunity to really say “Thank You!”

It is a good week to travel to Washington, if you are a farmer or rancher, to meet with your Congressman and tell them how important it is that we do have a good Farm Bill written this year. It’s a good time for young people, 4-H, FFA and Agriculture Future of America members to come to our nation’s Capitol and again, visit with members of Congress so they can meet the future leaders of American agriculture.

National Agriculture Day is something that really needs to get as much attention as National Labor Day. As a matter of fact, we take Labor Day off, I think it would be a good idea, down the road, to take National Agriculture Day off and to spend more time taking a look at this agricultural economy in the United States, because we get further removed from the farm, generation after generation and we need to educate people on where their food comes from and how it gets to their dinner table, along with energy and all of the other ingredients that that come off the farms and ranches of America.

So get out there and celebrate National Agriculture Day across the country and I hope a lot of you will make it to Washington, D.C. on the first day of Spring.

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