14 July 2017 - I Apologize

You may recall that last month I posed some questions on ‘Samuelson Sez’, and I asked for your help in providing answers. Well, I didn’t get any answers. I did receive criticism because I talked politics; I was criticized because I supported some Democratic viewpoints; I was criticized because I supported some Republican viewpoints. I did neither, and as I stated at the beginning of that Samuelson Sez, I delivered no political comments. But it proved something I learned decades ago as a broadcaster, most people hear what they want to hear, not what I actually said.

For example, I still don’t know what we do when the never-ending hearings in the Russian hacking situation are finished. Do we arrest President Putin and throw him in jail? Do we sue the Russian government for damages? Will it change the outcome of the election? I don’t think it will do any of the above, and not one e-mail provided me with an opinion or an answer.

Another e-mailer said - “You owe members of Congress an apology.” And there I plead guilty, because I stated that members of the House and Senate did not participate in the Social Security program, and did not participate in the Health Care Program that they legislate for us.

Well, I was half right because I was reminded that since 1985, members of Congress do participate in the Social Security program like the majority of us. But members of Congress have their own health-care program and do not participate in the Affordable Health Care Act. So to the members of Congress, I apologize for that lack of knowledge.

Now, on a totally different topic that I will be discussing in a future Samuelson Sez, this past week something happened in Washington that could allow horse slaughter to resume at USDA-approved plants in the United States. Apparently the ban did not accomplish what some members of Congress thought it would when they approved it five years ago and now a couple of them are changing their vote.

All the reasons why many of us did not approve the ban have come true. More on this in the future.

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