30 July 2017 - An Inhumane Act in Minnesota

There are millions of animals raised on farms and ranches across the United States every year. In addition to the meat producing animals, there are other animals for human use, including mink. Quite a few years ago, maybe a decade or more, we went though a period of a very popular activity of animal rights groups, who in the middle of the night would unlawfully trespass onto a mink farm and turn the animals loose, to a death far worse than they would have normally experienced, had the mink been processed humanely. But that is something animal rights people love to do, thinking they are helping the animals.

That activity had been very quiet recently. We hadn’t seen much of it until about a week ago, when in the middle of the night, a farm in Eden Valley, Minnesota was invaded by an animal rights group who turned loose, 38,000 mink, valued at $750,000.00. The minks were being raised on Lang Fur Farms in Eden Valley, Minnesota, by a family that had been raising mink for four generations.

Thousands of the minks have died from heat stress and dehydration according to the Director of Fur Commission USA, Michael Whelan, who said - “Most of the animals that died were young and had not yet been weaned from their mothers. These animals are not capable of taking care of themselves outside of the environment of the farms where they are being fed and cared for. Of the animals that did survive, they continue to suffer from dehydration and stress.”

I like Michael Whelan’s final words - “Those who think they are helping the animals by doing this are severely misinformed. This is a crime against the animals as much as against the Lang family.”

Animal Rights groups, wake up to this fact - we do raise animals and humanely care for them, but ultimately, they will be processed and consumed or worn by many of us. Your choice to become a vegan is a personal choice and you are certainly free to do that. But we have the same rights - to choose not to be vegan. You say you choose to become a vegan and join these animal rights groups to preserve the lives of animals, yet you are inhumanely ending the lives of the very animals you say you are protecting. Give some honest thought to who you are harming when you perform these so-called ‘humane’ acts. Those minks suffered terribly before death.

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