24 September 2017 - Older Generation Thoughts

I don’t always talk agriculture on Samuelson Sez because having been on the planet a little more than eight decades I do have some rather strong feelings on other subjects.

Subjects like the “Me First” attitude that has been around a long time in many generations. I especially see it in drivers today, constantly cutting people off so they can get to the stoplight (or their accident) before I do. And they do this without using a turn signal which I thought was standard equipment on today’s modern cars. When I was growing up, we rolled down the window and used our arm out the window to signal our turn intentions.

I think we can save a lot of taxpayer money by eliminating highway signs since most people ignore them, like speed limit signs. Who drives at the posted speed limits any more?

I don’t think we have to put up the signs that say “Right turn permitted at the red light after making a complete stop.” Generally drivers do what we know as a ‘rolling stop’. And, I wonder about putting up stop signs - STOP means Stop! Yet, I see very few drivers doing that anymore as they roll thought the intersection.
It is the “Me First” syndrome, which also involves other areas like good manners, such as holding a door open for a lady instead of rushing to be first into the building.

Then there is the other generation we have created that I have talked about before and that is the Entitlement Generation. Too many people think because they live in the United States they are entitled to free housing, free food, free college, free health care, even a free cell phone.

There is one way to handle many of those ‘entitled generation’ people . . . they can use their education to go to work and EARN the funds to get what they want. Work is what gets you what you want, what gets you where you want to be, and gives you self-respect. It is important to recognize that in our society at one time, nothing was free.

If you are able-bodied and capable of work, no job is too menial, and will give you pride and an opportunity to better yourself.

Stop the Freeloading and work for what you want. There are citizens who do need assistance and you are depriving them and the organizations that care for them of providing help they truly need.

I’m now sounding like a grumpy old man, but I have enjoyed this life and all its benefits, and I want you to do the same...if you work for it. If you behave, you might make eight decades or more on this plant.

My thoughts on Samuelson Sez.