7 October 2017 - Thank You for Your Comments

Every once in a while I like to share with you comments I have received from what I say on Samuelson Sez. I would like to do that this week because a couple of weeks ago I talked about the “Me First” and the “Entitlement” Generation. I did hear from many of you. Thank you to many of you who said . . . “I agree with you 100% on the “Me First and Entitlement” Generation and keep up your comments . . . “No free lunch.”

Then of course, I talked about traffic manners and being cut off because some people have to be first wherever they go. I received quite a few responses to that, the fact that people no longer stop at Stop signs and do not stop at signs that say “Stop before making right turn.” Many agreed with me on that one.

Then I heard from a farmer in Indiana, the father of two young sons, who goes on to say . . . “I get discouraged when I hear people talk about entitlements. Our generation taught them their bad habits, and it’s our fault. Raise them right and we wouldn’t have this problem. We should focus on the root cause . . . that’s US. Let’s educate, push the benefits of hard work and encourage parents to stop giving everything to their kids. Make them struggle a little.”

Then there is this one that says . . . “My God, Samuelson, Your ignorance is truly baffling. The (Entitlements) generation, now that expects everything should be free? Who proclaims that? Where did you hear or read that? FOX and Friends? Limbaugh? Breitbart? Shouldn’t the wealthy pay their fair share for healthcare and education for everyone?” He then uses language I can’t share with you, in this column at least.

He finally goes on to say . . . “The Republican Party stands for CORPORATIONS that buy OUT the small farmer, but I can only imagine who’s paying YOUR bills. In the name of Jesus, wake up man. Trump, McConnell and Ryan will destroy this country AS YOU AND I have KNOWN it. The Farmers need to hear the truth. Tell them the TRUTH, Orion.”

Thank you for your comments.

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