5 November 2017 - FFA Continues to Grow

This year’s convention theme for the FFA was, in my opinion, perfect for these young leaders...” I Can, We Will”, and it was a chant we heard many time during the convention sessions. Because In addition to acquiring strong individual leadership skills, FFA members as a group do have a major mpact on people and communities.

We don’t often have time to talk about that in our coverage of the convention, so I would like to share some of the numbers with you. But before I do, let me repeat the theme of this year’s convention,
“I Can, We Will!”.

Here are some of the numbers - the membership numbers announced at this year’s convention - 653,359, up from 649,355 a year ago. Doesn’t sound like much of an increase, you say? In a time when farm population is in steady decline, FFA membership has increased by 31% in the last decade.

Who are these members and where do they live? 51% are male, 42% are female. (Note: Ladies were not allowed to join the FFA until the 1960's, so that is a major change}. 51% of the FFA chapters are located in rural communities, 19% in town, 12% suburban and 5% in the city, with 24 of the 25 largest cities in the U.S. having at least one FFA chapter. Nationally, the average number of members per chapter is 76.

Finally, a number that plays a very important role in the impact of the FFA now and well into the future. A few decades ago, members like me formed a FFA Alumni Association to allow former FFA members to provide a connection and support for their local FFA chapter. Total number of FFA Alumni members announced at this year’s Convention - 344,239 Alumni Members working to carry on the FFA tradition.

Remember, I CAN, WE Will.

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